Relationship Therapy
with Truffles

Love is beautiful and cruel at the same time. In every relationship there is a great desire to come home together; "Darling, take me home to myself." At the same time, there is also betrayal, not being able to meet mutual, often unspoken expectations.

Then it turns out that the ideal image of the prince on the white horse or the beautiful, fiery princess who is only sweet, only partially applies. Painful and personal themes keep popping up. In fact, we unconsciously seek out the loved ones who flawlessly mirror these themes. Love opens up everything; no relationship escapes this.

The bond of soul between two partners cuts so deep that we often can hardly comprehend it. Suddenly, a spark of this awareness can light up, for example in enduring a relationship crisis together. Then we realize what it really means to go on the journey to becoming whole with another. We learn again, and with softer eyes, to look at our partner and our own life journey. Love offers us both an invitation to becoming whole and a painful confrontation with what is not yet whole in us.

In the process in which the infatuation starts to deepen into love, the other sometimes becomes a mirror in which our old pains reflect. Old pain incurred in our first love contact, namely with our parents, we project onto the other who projects his or her pain onto you again.

If we hold the other responsible for this pain, the battle begins. We end up in entanglements that do not nourish love but undermine it. If you dare to look at the pain as your own, you can use the relationship to heal. If you walk away from the pain and decide to leave the relationship, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to make a deep connection with the other person and with yourself!

In a subsequent relationship, sooner or later, you will also be confronted with pain that is evoked by your partner.

In addition, a large part of our relationship struggle can be traced back to the broken contact with our own basic energy. When we have our own source again, we can really give something to the other.

In this fascinating and sometimes painful process you can come to a point where you can not solve it alone or together (for a while). That is why it is nice to enter into this process together. Together and separately. If everyone works on his / her own pain point and is aware of this, the love can start flowing again.

Through my many years of experience in guiding couples (Phoenix relationship therapy courses in Utrecht, the Netherlands ) I have developed a new method for people with relationship problems. With this method I use magic Truffle tea. The insights you have together during this duo ceremony will help you get deeper and faster to the core of your relationship problems (I prefer to call them challenges!)

Because of the psilocybin, the awareness process goes faster than normal therapy and can create space and more understanding for the other. In addition to the duo ceremony, there is room for a relationship conversation afterwards.

What are Magic Truffles?

Magic truffle ceremonies are called psilocybin therapy, truffles activate a higher level of consciousness. With this you experience that there is a higher level of consciousness outside the intellect. When this is contacted you begin to awaken to the wise voice of your own intuition and source through which you can connect with your partner from that place. You take your own place and no longer project the pain on the partner, so that peace and space is created in the relationship and the love can flow again.

Magic truffles are not addictive. It is necessary to be well prepared for the use of truffles, there are contraindications such as:   medication, antidepressants and sensitivity to psychosis. I always ask you to fill in the intake form completely and honestly so that you   can participate in the ceremony as safely as possible .

Where will the ceremony take place?

After an intake interview, there is the choice to do a session in the practice in Limmen NH or at home, it is also possible that you rent a hotel room or cottage ( and that I do the session there. Everything is negotiable and the ritual is tailor-made for you.

There is also the possibility to do a week or weekend where we work with different medicines.

Enquire about the possibilities.