Individual Truffle Ceremony

You don't just do a session with truffles just like that. It requires dedication and safe guidance. In a group you can be distracted by the people around you, you will not be bothered by this in a private session, so you can sink much deeper into your own process and everything is tailored to your journey.

Truffles have been used for years for transformation, healing and to get into other dimensions of consciousness. From the known to the unknown, from conscious to unconscious. Truffles contain the substances psilocin and psilocybin. Truffles, or rather sclerotia, grow underground into tubers instead of mushrooms. Another word for this plant medicine is entheogenic which means: coming from the God within Ourselves. Truffles go beyond the voices of the Ratio and reconnect you with your divine essence. This brings you back into contact with the core of your essence and your soul destination.

They are not addictive. However, it is necessary to be well prepared for the ceremony with truffles. For example, there are contraindications with medication, antidepressants and susceptibility to psychosis. I always ask you to complete the intake form completely and honestly so that you can participate in the ceremony as safely as possible.

A psychedelic ceremony as therapy?

Combine a psychedelic ceremony such as a truffle ceremony with therapy? This is usually referred to as psychedelic therapy, called psilocybin therapy. I personally find this combination very nice to work with, we have an extensive conversation prior to the ceremony and the day after. You can then tell your experiences and there is also a follow-up interview two weeks later to hear whether you have gained certain insights that are now working well for you. Thorough preparation ensures that the impact and personal growth of this session is increased. I support you in this with advice and tips.

Truffles as the next step in your awareness process

When you start with the next step in your awareness process, truffles can be a nice entrance. You become more and more aware of your own patterns so that you can change them at the cellular level and get to your authentic core, to your true self and reconnect yourself from that place. Without patterns, fears or ego. Living from your full potential, your true nature, your own color palette.

Truffles activate a higher level of consciousness and with this you experience that outside the intellect there is an infinitely great intelligence “higher self” or god consciousness. Then you begin to awaken to the wise voice of your intuition and develop authentic leadership.


During an individual session there is more space and time for your own process. Together we discuss what is going on with you at the moment. For example, you may want to research a specific theme and deepen it in a safe and professional environment.

Every ‘journey’ is different for everyone and suitable for what is needed for you at that moment.


Good preparation ensures that you can participate safely. A combination with medicines, alcohol or drugs can be dangerous for your health. I ask you to complete an intake form so that I can prepare well for your process. In the preparation phase, it is nice if you take the time to consciously see what your survival patterns and beliefs are. You can read some books or watch a you-tube video about non-duality, self-realization and psychedelics.

From inner strength and freedom we co-create the ceremony together:

From this gratitude and deep love for truth, I offer Truffle Ceremonies. During these sessions there is a wonderful co-creation between the courage and curiosity of you to experience and see through limiting patterns, the powerful wise truth serum of the truffles and my loving shamanism qualities will support and heal you.

For whom?

Truffles usually attract courageous people who want to broaden and deepen their lives and who have already gone through the necessary personal development. A Magic Truffle Ceremony can mean a lot for people who are struggling with stress, grief, burnout, fears, loneliness, (love) grief, depression, addictions, negative self-image, intimacy and health problems.

Not for everyone

But truffles are not suitable for everyone. There are even contraindications such as the use of drugs, anti-depressants or sleeping pills and psychosis. The use of drugs such as anti-depressants or sleeping pills must be coordinated in advance. You can also consult your doctor. A telephone intake interview and an informed consent is a condition for participation.

Where will the ceremony take place?

There are several locations possible to undergo a psychedelic ceremony. For example, I have a practice space in Amsterdam & Limmen, Noord-Holland, I can come to your home, at your holiday address or cottage (You can book for beautiful nature locations) and I am occasionally flown in internationally by clients. The place should feel safe and appropriate for you.

For all ceremonies, the accommodation must be arranged yourself. The ceremonies do not include accommodation.

When we no longer want to hurt ourselves and others, it is time to learn to forgive, love and integrate all the oppressed and hurt aspects within ourselves into our personality. Behind pain, anger, resentment, and feelings of misunderstanding are powerful and precious parts of the authentic Self that help you create a happier and more inspiring life. You will then experience that from your own healing process you also feel the desire to help others to start their own process. Authenticity requires an infinite inner process of honesty. Honesty comes from the loving courage and curiosity to want to keep looking at the ignorant (shadow) aspects IN yourself. It requires clear awareness and discernment. Life offers us endless learning moments in the form of conflict and loss. Are you willing to take responsibility for that? To look deeper? Are you willing to fully embrace yourself in your authenticity?

My own experience with Entheogens

In 2015 I came into contact with Ayahuasca and I can say it was a life changing experience for me. I was shot up to the most beautiful place there is, the God consciousness within myself, my higher consciousness. It felt like dying and waking up again.

After many sessions of Iboga, Ayahuasca, Magic mushrooms, Bufo and Kambo, I decided to follow a training for Ayahuasca Facilitator, combined with psychotherapy. Due to my background as a registered A therapist, the combination is fantastic to work with, as it is very important to share your experience and gain insight after the session. The conversations and aftercare are essential. I have been able to accompany many people of different nationalities with the Entheogens. And I am very grateful for what I have been able to learn from these powerful teachers and I want to share my knowledge in a safe way in a safe setting and in a legal way. That is why I mainly work in one on one sessions, so that there is plenty of space and time for your personal process.